Ready your weapons, comrade!

Get ready to fight against a horde of capitalist zombies.

Fight for mother Russia to restore order and peace in a post-apocaliptic world.


Hit START with your cursor and reach for your keyboard.

Use the arrow buttons to move and change weapons, ctrl to shoot and space to jump.


You cannot jump while running backwards, can you? You cannot aim precisely backwards while running forwards, right? You cannot flee beyond the invisible wall!

You shall have to put your hardcore gamer skills to use if you want to survive.

“So much epicness!” –

“I’ll make a 100 episodes-long  playthrough out of this.” – John Marley

“Where are the otters?! 1/20…” – XxGameJammerxX

Bonus: a video of our lead developer, sleepy as hell… Shame!

So what are you waiting for? Play the game and have tons of fun!

– TuToTeam

Credits: Leo Marbacher (graphics), Matthieu Vallat (code), Stache (code), Pierre Dumas (code), Yggrek (sound)

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