Original from https://telegra.ph/Telegram-Art-Display-Action-TADA-01-26.

The Telegram Art Display Action (TADA) is an initiative to showcase the many artists present on the Telegram messaging platform!

The objective is simple: Telegram is an incredible place to share creations, without having to worry about technical limitations, data protection or censorship. As such, it seemed fair to us to allow a maximum of artists present here to be discovered.

Small or big, passionate or professional, come, share your works, and put them next to the ones of many other artists.

Not an artist’s soul yourself? Take the opportunity to discover new people to follow!

The general rule would be “don’t be a jerk”, but here are more informations:

  • Submissions will be open from February, 1st to February, 28th.
  • Everything goes! You can create anything, from meme to painting, stage plays to feature-length movie, singing, sculpting, dubbing, … Even a whole video game why not!
  • The creation can be pre-existing. However, the creation should be yours and yours alone, crafted by you, nurtured by you.
  • You can submit as many creations as it pleases you. However, obvious spam will be severely ignored (and promptly deleted).
  • You must have a picture to illustrate your creation – a “preview” – along with a link to the creation. We will not host anything on our side.
  • For any physical/representative art, we would like to have a couple of photos or a video of the finished creation. For anything else, please try to provide something that does not need a lot of hardware, i.e., « we can open the file on a computer ». We will try to make as much effort as possible if necessary.
  • You must have a valid Telegram handle (@<something>). If possible, you should have a valid, public Telegram channel, linked to your creations.
  • If the creation is NSFW (explicit content, lewd, etc.), you need to explicitly state that it is NSFW along with a CN (“what’s the nsfw part”). A blurred/censored/ »public-friendly » preview needs to be provided.
  • Anything illegal, racist, -phobic, hateful, or the likes is prohibited. We reserve the right to remove a creation without further notice.

Tl;DR if you want to partipate you need to send:

  • @ from your account or channel.
  • Title of the work.
  • List of potential TWs (if NSFW).
  • Preview of the work (a still image).
  • Link to the complete work (if possible a Telegram link).

Because what would be a “competition” without a bait?

We will be giving away a cash prize to the best rated creations per category! There will be a minimum of USD 350/EUR 300 to win, but wait, there is more! We are counting on the support of everyone on Telegram who would be willing to give a little moneeey, so, from February, 1st to March, 31st, every donation made on ko-fi.com/stache/ will get to the artists, in a way or another* (* excluding taxes, fees, etc.). You want to help? Feel free to make a donation!

Categories are a way to the judges to classify your art and give away prizes. You don’t get to choose the category, but you can indeed submit a creation that fits one category more than another!

  • This Made Me Feel New Feels: a work that provokes particular emotions.
  • Weirdest Material: for the use of an unconventional creative medium.
  • Splashy Sass: you know your worth, and you’re showing it.
  • Meowgical: there is a strong witchy energy with this work.
  • I Don’t Know What’s Going On: we cannot understand, yet we like it.
  • Made Me Question My Sexuality: warmth and red to the cheeks with this work.
  • Choice of the Public: The public will have a special voice!

Reaching out, asking more infos, submitting, all in one bot: @TADA_submission_bot!

Many thanks to Bobine de Fil, zumami, Zir0 𓃙, ▼ GNUkko StαrBread Tan 🇱🇻🧸, Mr. Skeltal, ☠️ Gabe ☠️, Stache, cammonte for their help!