Wasting time is not a waste when you’re having fun (^:.

Objectif, kinda.
Step 1, démonter les palettes (these fuckers full of nails)
We get the WEWD
We shall remove the nails (lots of them!)
Fast forward, we get to cut the WEWD

Sidenote the dimensions were shit because I’m dumb and this is a prototype but EH

But we still end up with a NICE LITTLE BOX (axe for scale- yes this is a threat)

Neeext, gathering some shit contreplaqué and some SOFT PURPLE VELVET (im so in love with that fabric tho)

L’atuce du coup c’est de solidifier le tissu avec le machin dedans + colle chaude comme un gros déguelasse

Aaand finally (for tonight) we finish we the interior, a superb (accent français in the text) interior in purple verlvet.