Good evening!

Long time no see. I’ve had a bit of a complex and busy month, as well as problems with my web hosting, so not many news. I’ll try to make up for it in the next few days!

DU COUP, this weekend, I participated in the GMTK Game Jam, with my friend @strueuxworkshop, and I’m very proud to /join a collective a little solid in the domain!


We did a Sokoban with a cute racoon but you can only use the controls of your keyboard once.

Basically, each time you want to use a key, you have to carefully plan if you gonna need that key later in the level. You may remap actions to certain keys, but beware- once the key is gone, it’s too late!

Smol concept art!

For this game I did game design and game prog. I was not that efficient for the game prog, and I think I shoud (?) could (?) have been more involved for the game design.

As stated, a game designer helps to make everyone agree on the general direction, but it is difficult to do it because you have to be a bit confident and a bit dictating, make compromises, etc.


At the end, the game is pretty good, and we will try to maintain it for a bit of time. Go play it!