I wanted to create a mask.

Story is, a good friend sent me a L O T of documentation on papercraft.

So. Off we go!

I’ll be using these perfectly shaped piece of cardboard for the basis
Did I go through all my neighbour’s mailboxes to get more because these are basically ads? Maybe.

Let’s start with the base of the skull. We gon glue everything to cardboard.

Things you can say in bed and in paper craft: it’s bigger than expected!
Things you can say in bed and in paper craft: harder than I thought!
Everything is cut yay.
Well the skull at least.

The point: I never really did papercraft before, not a complex design like that one. So maybe I fucked up. But then I realised I didn’t fucked up. But then I may have fucked up while trying to unfuck my non fuckery. Eventually, I unfucked my unfucking.

That looked way cooler than I was expecting in regards to my skills.

Then I was thinking about the horns. I didn’t know if I wanted the horns from the origin model or custom horns. I went with custom horns because why not.

Let’s scavenge humanity’s best tool to survive: TP.
Not bad.
Alright. Could be worse. I like it.
Face reveal.

The «  » »final » » » product looked kinda cool to be honnest.

A little work in progress.

For the scenery, I wanted several elements. First of all, I wanted to have a stance kinda like the one (1) memory I have from Black Buttler.

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I also wanted to do a shot with a lot of colors, and me in a formal dress. I added a watch and a cane, and I thought it was kinda cool I had a black glove on one side.

Test 1.
Test 2.

Now the question was about the covering: do I try to put plaster on the thing? I was afraid the water would screw the mask up. Or acrylic. Or spray. So I tested.

Because I was running out of time and because I wanted to play it safe, I went with spray paint.

Finally, we did a photoshoot (my first time !) with my friend C., and the result isn’t that bad.

Final composition for the theme « Autoportrait » (Self-portrait).